Barcelona are still in trouble, beaten 1-1 by Valencia.

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Barcelona is still performing poorly. Most recently, Valencia tied 1-1 in the La Liga football battle. At the Estadio de Mestalla it is a La Liga game between the Bats and the Azulgrana at home.

It started just over a minute ago and Los Che almost ran out of control early. Diego López passed the ball into the path of Roman Yaremchuk and pressed with his right but was forced to save Inaki Peña, the visiting team’s goalkeeper.

Then in the 18th minute, Barca had a chance to finish the score when Robert Lewandowski shot from far with his right, causing Georgi Mamardash Willi. must exert protection ทางเข้า UFABET  

The visiting team continued to look for opportunities. In the 28th minute, Ilkay Gundovan passed the ball to Robert Lewandowski and shot again but it still didn’t go past Georgi Mamardash Willi.

Next, in the 34th minute.

Azulgrana came up again, this time it was Pedri who hit with his left and it unfortunately came off the back.

In the 55th minute of the second half, Barcelona took a 1-0 lead. Frenkie de Jong lifted the ball into the penalty area on the right. Rafinha inserted it up and hit it at the far post, bringing out Felix, who was charging in the clear. There was nothing left. carcass 

In the 67th minute, the visiting team had another chance. Ronald Araujo placed deeper on the right. Rafinha hooked in from the end line before breaking and pressing with his left, causing Georgi Mamardashwilli. Must use force to save

But in the 70th minute, Valencia equalized 1-1 from the moment the ball bounced in front of the penalty area. Hugo Guillamon hooked it down before rocking and pressing with his right curve into the triangle cleanly.

Barca missed a golden opportunity in the 82nd minute. Rafinha came out on his own to the left, but at the time of the shot he made a save from the bat’s goalkeeper. Even though I’ve followed it repeatedly, it’s still blocked.

The game ended 1-1, with each team taking a point, with Barcelona increasing to 35 points, while Valencia had 20 points.