Berbatov warns 5 Fulham players ready to make Manchester United cry

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Former striker Dimitar Berbatov has warned Manchester United against taking on Premier League newcomers Fulham. And pointed out the hosts have five players who can make a difference. Dangerous to them. The UFABET report

The Red Devils are scheduled to visit Craven Cottage on Sunday. They just lost to Aston Villa in last weekend’s league game. While the little tycoon team, despite losing to Manchester City , has performed better than expected in their return. Play in the top league this season

Berbatov, who previously played for both Manchester United and Fulham, spoke ahead of the game. In which he believes that Eric Ten Hag’s team will not find an easy job and be careful with the home team’s key players.

“Obviously Aleksandar Mitrovic is the key man who scores a lot of goals, Willian, everyone knows he’s a Premier League player, with Brand Leno in charge of Andreas Per. Reira, we all know him, Daniel James as well, another ex-Man Utd player. This is the quality of this team. And I’m not surprised that they are doing so well these days. But we know that the Premier League still has a long way to go. So they have to be careful.”

“In my time I know this as well, if you are reckless, if you underestimate Craven Cottage and Fulham too much, you will be in serious trouble. Fulham is a great club at the moment, I think they There are good players in the squad and in good times, I guess United are going to be tough. I believe so,” Berbatov said.