Manchester United expect Ronaldo to comeback against Fulham

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Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo has had the chance to miss out on a trip to Fulham in the Premier League final before the World Cup due to illness.

The 37-year-old forward has not been name since their Carabao Cup 4-2 win over Aston Villa and the latest reports are that he is still speculating on whether he will be available for the game.

The Portuguese star missed United’s 4-2 Carabao Cup win over Aston Villa on Thursday with illness, and it appears that Ronaldo will play no part in proceedings at Craven Cottage.  The UFABET report

“I can’t guarantee he will be named at Fulham. But he is sick today. And he was able to recover quite well. Because it’s not a serious illness that takes days. or up to a week So I think he has the opportunity to be ready for Sunday’s game.” Manchester manager Eric Ten Hag. United said

The Dutchman said: ‘I can’t guarantee that now [that he will return at Fulham] but he was ill today, he can recover from that. It’s not a really serious illness that takes days or weeks, so I think it’s possible he will be available for Sunday and in the squad.

Manchester United will definitely be fifth in the league during the World Cup break. There will be 3 points behind Spurs if they can beat Fulham in the upcoming game.