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Hello all readers See you again for this content We will talk about slot machines or slot machines. which is a popular arcade game that has the number one gambler who likes to play the most because it is a game that is easy to play For that reason, today we’ll take you all to get to know that. Where did the slot machine come from? And what are the ingredients? Let’s understand each other in the article. สมัคร UFABET

Slot machines or slot machines, slot machines or slot machines are popular in many countries, so there are different names in each country, such as Australia, it is called Poker (Pokies). ) The so-called poker factor. Because the first slot machines used poker symbols for playing slot machines. In England, it is also known as the Fruit Machine because it is commonly used as a symbol of fruit on the slot machine.

Slot machines have different backgrounds. with many origins Which we will separate each slot machine inventor in each period Compiling the development of slot machines from 1887 until 1976

1. Sitmann and Pitt company (1887)

In the story of slot machines It is still unclear where the actual origin came from. But that is recorded within history, which has been specified. that the first slot machine It happened in the 19th century when it was believed that the company Sitmann amd pitt based in Brooklyn, New York City, built a gambling machine in 1997. AD 1887 by this slot machine will not look like a normal slot machine It looks more like a poker machine.

The layout of the slot machine has 5 cards in a row and 50 poker cards placed face down. After that, insert money to bet. After the top of the coin has completely descended, pull the lever back. The cards that come out will follow the rules of poker to look at how poker wins and loses.

As for the gift, it will be based on the most genuine prize, but the shop or bar that set up the slot machine. for example, get liquor or draft beer, etc.

2. Charles August Fey (1891)

Later in the year 1891, a playing cabinet that looks like a slot machine. It first took place in San Francisco, California, America, by a German engineer named Charles Fey who invented and improved the slot machine to be 3 reels (reels) which can automatically pay winnings. On the reels there are 5 symbols that appear, that is spades, diamonds, hearts, horseshoes and bells. This version
of the slot machine is called the Liberty Bell. It is a rocking lever to spin the wheel. There will be an agreement that is When any of the symbols align 3 in a row, the prize money is awarded immediately. The biggest prize will be a symbol, a bell, will receive an instant jackpot of 50 cents. Fay’s slot machines are set up in various entertainment venues such as restaurants, clubs, etc.

3. Albert Mills (1907)

Later in the year 1908, a Chicago businessman named Albert Mulls (Albert Mulls) has improved the new slot machine by changing the symbol to be a colorful, eye-catching fruit symbol. to attract satisfaction from the players By the fruit used are cherries, lemons, plums, gum sticks. And this slot machine has been named “Opertator Bell”, with fruit symbols still very popular until now. Most players like to call slot machines with fruit symbols “Fruit Machine”.

4. Bally (1964)

Later, in 1964, the technology continued to improve, so an inventor named Bally improved the slot machine. It was the first electromechanical system. In which this slot machine will be a push button system instead of a lever system The game will be driven by a microprocessor system. Computer software has been created to randomize the number of successful spins. Makes more and more models to pay rewards. The machine was named “Money Honey”.

5. Fortune Coin Company (1976)

In 1975, Fortune Rods developed a video slot machine. Name after the company “Fortune Coin), which is considered the best slot machine. Because it is modern and also has a modified version of the machine to generate better quality microchip random numbers.

In the early stages of video slot machine development, it may not have been as popular among slot machine players as much. The cause arises from the player being used to slot machines with spinning reels. Players think that video slot machines also have inconspicuous steps. So it’s not popular yet.

Then later in the year 1978, William Red, who was the manager of the owner of IGT, was the head of game creation technology. Has acquired The Fortune Company and has since improved the Fortune coin machine by increasing the number of Paylines. Including improvements More agreement rules in the game for players to understand more in the game
Until now, slots have been updated to be online slots. which can be played online anywhere, all the time

Online slots (Slot Online)Online slots are slot machine games that have been improved to be played
How to play online slots, online slot games It is an online casino game that can create a lot of colors for online casinos. Because there are more than 1000 slot games to choose from, which are games that are constantly being improved. can choose to play freely And it is another game that can be said to be the beginning of many people playing casinos. Which way to play slots There is an easy way to play, just press spin. You can win prizes now.