What are online gambling?

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What are online gambling? Online gambling is a betting that is played through an online system. with a mobile smartphone or computer in general, no matter where you are If there is internet can play everywhere there And it’s now We can play online gambling at any casino website in general. which each web There will be many gambling games to choose from. which you can learn Each category is as follows. สมัคร UFABET

Live Casino Category

bounce poker

Pokdeng is a gambling game. that has a method of playing for counting card points Whoever gets points close to or equal to 8 points (Pok 8) or 9 points (Pok 9) will be the winner. including the rest You can read various articles about playing pokdeng at >> How to play pokdeng


Blackjack is playing cards. competitive scoring model Whoever gets a point close to or equal to 21 points will be the winner. moreover Would you like to know more details? can read the article About blackjack cards exactly >> How is blackjack?

Tiger Dragon

Dragon Tiger means card game. with a gambling method similar to baccarat However, there are ways of dealing cards. and calculate the card face value differently By only evaluating the win or loss from the first card, which side between the tiger and the dragon gets a lot more points, that side will be the winner. You can go to learn articles about how to play just right >> how to play Dragon Tiger cards.


Baccarat means baccarat. It is a card game similar to bouncing poker. by playing it Will allow members to choose to bet on the banker’s side (Banker) or on the player’s side (Player). If the side you bet has a card value that is close to or equal to 9 points or has more points than the other side, you will win and go even further. More than this, you can read the article. About teaching how to play >> how to play baccarat
, looking at card points


Roulette is a type of casino betting that looks like a small wheel with numbers controlled on and the dealer will produce the bet result by turning the wheel Including releasing the steel ball to spin to call numbers If the number stops, aims at any number That would be the reward.
for gambling We will choose to bet on what number the result will be. or in any zone If the prize results match the one we choose will get the money moreover You can study various articles about playing roulette. Fit >> Guidelines for playing roulette

Gourd, Crab, Fish

is a gambling game that has a playing style similar to Hi-Lo Using 3 dice with 6 dice sides, each side has 6 different animal images, such as gourds/crabs/fish/chicken/shrimp and tigers, which will be used as symbols. for awarding results for the player You can study the articles. About playing guidelines >> Guides for playing gourd, crab, fish


Hi-Lo is a gambling game. with playing style By using 3 dice that are symbols ● Used to represent the following numbers.

  1. ● = 1 point
  2. ●● = 2 points
  3. ●●● = 3 points
  4. ●●●● = 4 points
  5. ●●●●● = 5 points
  6. ●●●●●● = 6 points

for awarding results And then for that play. You can choose to bet on many types of bets, such as Teng, Teng, and many others. including the rest You can study articles about The form of additional play to the right >> example of playing Hi-Lo

Fan Tan

Fantan, also known as Peanut Po is a game that requires a fair amount of luck. The beans that the dealer scooped out How much will it be? which you can study articles about The process of playing the game Fantan fits >> The process of playing Fantan