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Orange peels.

Orange peels are also brightly colored. Of course, there must be beta-carotene hidden in the orange peel. Okay…now let’s look at the benefits of orange peel and health. Orange peels have many good benefits for our body to this extent. 1. Promotes healthy teeth and bones.          

Benefits of pineapple core and pineapple pulp.

Even though it’s a bit hard and astringent. But I will say that the pineapple core Or the middle of the pineapple. This is where the nutrients of the pineapple are stored. Especially the enzyme bromelain. Which is actually found in every part of the pineapple. But found in the

Benefits of Asparagus.

Asparagus is a crunchy vegetable that has many health benefits. Both help relieve discomfort. and can help maintain health. Not cool at all. 1. Helps you lose weight . Asparagus or asparagus. Very high in fiber After eating, you will feel full for quite a long time. It is also a

Benefits of watermelon.

 Watermelon is a delicious red fruit that is great for cooling off. Did you know that the properties of watermelon are also full of quality? There are a lot of antioxidants. Not a little fiber. Vitamins are not lacking at all.           Because more than 90% of watermelon’s components